This universe is intended to be hi-tech meets the middle ages, with accents of  the western cowboy & eastern samurai influences.  It was my first attempt at the style of lines I have now been doing for years.





I went for a more clunky Flash Gordon look with this figure. I tried to incorporate elements of the original design a (gold, wires, disc on stomach) and yet make it my own at the same time.  There are over 250 hand drilled holes just to thread all the wires in the joints.







I wanted a clunky looking robot with exposed machinery. My take was that he is a mechanic droid & would be in the bowels of the ships working & would not need to look smooth & shiny.





The Dark Lord


I tried to take the original inspiration of the samurai and play up those aspects, I gave his technology a more clunky (almost Steampunk) feel.  I also decided that my sword hilts would look like regular swords to play up the medieval feel.




The Old Warrior Priest


My idea was for an order of warrior monks. Like Teutonic knights of Zen Buddhism.  I have always like the idea that the legendary Toshiro Mifune was considered for the role originally.  So my version was going to be Asian.   All my warriors have similar traits - beards, top knots, armor, & high collars for a more priestly look. 




The Smuggler


In the films is an amalgam of cowboy and pirate/smuggler aspects.  I just tried to maximize those elements.





The First Mate

I wanted a has primal warrior look. I was not going to change his height and hairiness. The actual back story was that he was rescued from slavery. I thought that the imperials might have enjoyed gladiator games, because the Empire is basically a Sci-Fi Rome, so he is a gladiator.




The Chosen One


I went for a cross between a medieval peasant and desert dweller. The idea was to really play up his lot in life. His sister gets to be a princess and he is stuck pulling water out of the air.





The Princess


In keeping with the more antiquated look of the line, I went with the fairy princess look.  I had to keep the hair buns.






The Shocktrooper


The look I wanted with this design was a medieval Germanic shocktrooper. 





The Bounty Hunter


My idea for the figure came when I was thinking about the outfit was that it seemed to be cobbled together from dozens of sources.   So my goal was to try and make the figure with just fodder that I had at the time and try to piece it together with no sculpting at all. There is no sculpting and he is made from 28 different figures from 8 different toy companies and 4 different scales.






The Gambler


I wanted that suave, lean gunslinger / gambler look from the Wild West.





The Old Sage


I tried to put him in my look of the redesigned Warrior Priests. This is not so much the old master in the swamp, but a tough younger warrior, you know 700 years old.  I wanted all my warriors to look similar with slight variations.




The Imperial Sovereign


I just tried to play up the look of the wicked, dark, medieval king.




The New Warrior Priest


This was my final piece in the line and brought in elements from multiple figures, in a way this figure is my closing thesis statement.   I started with the head of my Chosen One and combined the look from his mentor The Warrior Priest and I incorporated elements from the Dark Lord as well.  Of course his bionic arm had to match the clunkier look of my droids.











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